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The Psychoanalytic Division

The Psychoanalytic Clinic Division
is responsible for addressing the General Assembly of Gifric regarding the development of analytic savoir. This savoir is developed through its production (“intension”) and application (“extension”). To this end, the Psychoanalytic Clinic Division organizes it’s activities around two main axes: 1) the School and its Circles, and 2) the Centers for Training and Clinical Intervention. The Psychoanalytic Clinic Division brings together the members of the School, the Circles, and the training centers with the Associate Members of Gifric who are directly involved with either or both of these two axes.

A Clinical Council, comprised of four members named by the General Assembly of Gifric, is statutorily responsible for the clinical orientation and the ethics of psychoanalytic practice. One particular group, the Extended Psychoanalytic Group, brings together Gifric clinicians and analysts for research, discussions, and continuous evaluations of analytic practice at Gifric and the School.

Groupe interdisciplinaire freudien de recherche et d'intervention clinique et culturelle

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