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September 20, 2009

On September 17, 2009, the Honorable Judge Denis Jacques of the Superior Court of Quebec delivered his judgment in the defamation lawsuit that Gifric brought against the Quebec Journal (Le Journal de Québec). The Judge ordered the Sun Media Corporation, on behalf of the Quebec Journal and the journalist J. Jacques Samson, to pay damages of $145,000 to Gifric and six Gifric administrators. The judgment decided in favor of Gifric on all of the points of the case.

The trial took place last May and lasted seven days. It was discovered that the journalist had written his article on the basis of a document dated from 1990 that was full of lies and defamatory comments against Gifric. In his judgment, the Honorable Judge Denis Jacques determined that this article was written in order to “torpedo Gifric…by destroying its credibility…in the course of the concilliation process requested by the Minister of Health to settle the matter of the Psychoanalytic Center for the Treatment of Psychosis, the 388.” The judge also noted that, without even meeting with Gifric to get its version of the facts, the journalist forged an opinion that he then reproduced in his newspaper column. This opinion was judged to be “inexact, abusive ,and defamatory” to Gifric.

It is interesting to read the entirety of the case (currently available in French) in order to better understand the context of Gifric’s struggle to maintain the 388.

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