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Spangled Blengins, Boy King Islands. One is a young Tuskorhorian, the other a human headed Dortherean

Collage, Carbon Tracing, Pencil and Watercolor

By Henry Darger

Henry Darger


Intuit Gallery

Activities for 2009-2010

The Chicago Circle of the Ecole Freudienne du Quebec
in conjunction with the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

Cordially invites you to attend:

The Clinical Days of the School of GIFRIC
(The Interdisciplinary Freudian Group for Research
and Clinical and Cultural Interventions)

The Visible and the Unspeakable

November 12-14, 2009

A day and a half of intensive teaching with case presentations, commentaries and theoretical presentations by the analysts of GIFRIC will be preceded by a public lecture on Thursday evening, Nov. 12 and will conclude with an aesthetic presentation on the life and work of outsider artist Henry Darger on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 14

Location - Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis
Conference room -- 4th Floor
325 N. Wells St. Chicago


Thursday Evening, November 12, 7-9:30pm:

The Problematic Position of Psychoanalysis
in Our Post-Modern Culture

A public lecture by the analysts of GIFRIC
Willy Apollon, Danielle Bergeron, Lucie Cantin

The speakers will address the position of psychoanalysis in contemporary culture. They will explore the interface between neuroscience and psychoanalysis and will draw a contrast between psychoanalytic and psychiatric treatment of psychosis – as informed by their 27 years experience at “Le 388” – the psychoanalytic treatment program for psychotic young adults they developed.

In our post-modern era the certitude that scientific progress will resolve all problems that plague humanity has been found wanting. In the field of mental health, behavioral and medical interventions, ameliorate some conditions, but leave untouched the problems presented by the immaterial human subject.

By way of contrast the November Clinical Days presents an opportunity for clinicians, scholars and artists to learn about a particular Lacanian perspective nourished by 27 years of rigorous work at “Le 388” the psychoanalytic treatment program for psychotic young adults they founded in 1982. Their efforts resulted in 2/3 of chronically psychotic individuals having returned to productive and fulfilling lives in the community.

This achievement rested upon a reformulation of Freudian metapsychology from a Lacanian point of view - a process that was nourished in its development by the clinical breakthroughs that evolved from this change in perspective.

This unique theoretical perspective not only extended clinical work to psychotics, but also resulted in advances in the treatment of neurosis and perversion and into certain resistances frequently encountered in the treatment of women.

Friday, November 13, 9:30am -5:30pm
and Saturday, November 14, 9:30am-12pm

The Clinical Problems of Delusion and Enactment

Illustrated by three case studies with commentary and teaching by the analysts at GIFRIC.

GIFRIC (The Interdisciplinary Freudian Group for Research and Clinical and Cultural Interventions) received the Hans W. Loewald Memorial Award in recognition of its contribution to psychoanalytic theory, history, and application, most notably concerning the development of the psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis. This award was presented to GIFRIC in 2004 by the International Federation for Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE).

Willy Apollon, Danielle Bergeron and Lucie Cantin are co-authors of Traiter la psychose (1990), published by GIFRIC (in French and translated in Spanish), After Lacan: Clinical practice and the subject of the unconscious (2002), SUNY Press and La cure analytique du psychotique/ enjeux et stratégies (2008), published by Gifric, Québec.

Willy Apollon, Psychoanalyst and Philosopher (Paris, Sorbonne). He is Supervising Analyst, and Analyst Consultant at The 388, the Psychoanalytic Treatment Center for Young Adult Psychotics. Past President and founder of GIFRIC, he is responsible for research at the Center for Research and Training of GIFRIC, and Director of the Psychoanalytic Center for the Family. He is author of La Différence sexuelle au risque de la parenté, Psychoses: l’offre de l’analyste, L’Universel, perspectives psychanalytiques, published by Gifric. He has contributed to over thirty works and published more than one hundred articles in Québec and in international journals on the topics of psychosis, the formation of analysts, the psychoanalytic clinic, perversion, æsthetics, family, and the analysis of cultural, social and political practices.

Danielle Bergeron, M.D. Psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. She is supervising analyst and responsible for teaching at GIFRIC Center for Research and Training; Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Laval University; Director of The 388, the Psychoanalytic Treatment Center for Young Adult Psychotics; Responsible for the Short-Term Analytic Therapy Program at Robert-Giffard Hospital, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association; member of the Freudian School of Quebec. She has several publications on the clinical stakes of psychical structures, the psychoanalytical treatment of psychosis and neurosis, femininity, art and aesthetics, and psychosis/psychiatry/ psychoanalysis and society.

Lucie Cantin, Psychoanalyst and psychologist. She is Supervising Analyst and Co-director of training at GIFRIC; Clinical Professor of Psychology at Laval University. Since its foundation in 1982, she is Assistant Director of The 388, Psychoanalytic Treatment Center for Young Adult Psychotics. She is responsible for publication and training at the Center for Research and Training of GIFRIC, Editor of the review Savoir, journal of psychoanalysis and cultural analysis, and Vice-President of GIFRIC. She has several publications on the psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis, the clinic of neurosis, on mysticism, femininity, masculinity, and perversion.

* * * * *
Saturday, November 15, 2-5pm

The Intuit Gallery in conjunction with
The Chicago Circle of the Ecole Freudienne du Quebec

Invites you to a presentation on the life and work of Henry Darger

Aesthetic Presentation:
The Life and Work of Henry Darger

Henry Darger is an outsider artist whose work celebrates the triumph of the human spirit over personal catastrophe

Location - Intuit Gallery
756 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago

The aesthetic presentation will include:
- a new film on Henry Darger’s life and work created by Mark Stokes
- a conversation with the curator of Darger’s work, Kiyoko Lerner.

The Intuit Gallery houses The Henry Darger Room Collection that affords a view of the artist’s studio, the materials with which he worked and samples of the creative result of his prodigious effort.

The creative work of Henry Darger stands as an example of the triumph of the human spirit over personal catastrophe.

Intuit - The Gallery for intuitive and outsider art has reconstructed the artist’s living space and studio – as the Henry Darger Room Collection. In this installation are displayed tracings, clippings from newspapers, magazines, comic books, cartoons, children’s books, coloring books, personal documents, and architectural elements, fixtures, and furnishings from Darger’s original room.

You will have an opportunity:

- to view a new film on the artist’s life and work, produced by Mark Stokes
- to converse with the curator of Darger’s work, Kiyoko Lerner
- to visit the Henry Darger Room Collection

* * * * *

Clinical Days Registration – For full conference

Payment – Send check made out to “Chicago Circle Association” to:

Chicago Circle Association
30 N. Michigan #1909
Chicago, Illinois 60602

For further information:

312 269 9180 – Charles Turk charlesturk1@gmail.com
312 332 2928 – Lucia Kracke luvillela@aol.com
312 413 3584 – Waud Kracke waudkracke@gmail.com

US $ 225 (if postmarked after November 1, 2009)
US $ 200 (if postmarked by November 1, 2009)
US $ 125 Full time student (if postmarked after November 1, 2009)
US $ 100 Full time student (if postmarked by November 1, 2009)

Registration for Thursday Evening lecture: only $50 - Full time students: $30

Cancellation Policy: Full refund for cancellation if postmarked by November 1, 2009

Registration for full conference is limited to 50 people – on first come first served basis – so please register early.

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